Sony PFR-V1

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Sony PFR-V1Trusted Reviews says, “It’s not too often that I’m genuinely surprised by a product, but that’s exactly what happened when I placed the PFR-V1s on my head. Perhaps unfairly, I hadn’t expected these headphones to sound anywhere near as good as they do, and even now I’m not quite sure how Sony has managed to create a sound as clear, full and completely immersive as this.
The unconventional design also makes for the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn – even after hours of listening I could hardly tell that the PFR-V1s were on my head. And despite the drivers being positioned a fair way from your ears, the majority of ambient noise disappears without the need for active noise cancelling or ear canal seals.
There’s no denying that the Sony PFR-V1s don’t come cheap, but that shouldn’t put off the target buyer. In fact, I’ll be buying a pair of these headphones as soon as I get paid, making the PFR-V1s a true Editor’s Choice.”

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