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Record Review January 2017

January 16th, 2017
  • Steven Julien: Fallen Emotive, soulful, inspiring house in a fine tradition

Record Review November 2013

November 18th, 2013
  • Laurel HaloChance of Rain Instrumental atmospheric ambient, ends with piano

Record Reviews August 2013

August 20th, 2013

Record Reviews July 2013

July 8th, 2013

Record Reviews June 2013

June 14th, 2013
  • LocustYou'll be safe forever Welcome return of Mark Van Hoen’s project. Superb
  • LocustYou'll be safe forever (remixes) Three intriguing remixes. Good pressing at 45rpm. Well worth repeated listening
  • µ-ZiqXTEP Mike Paradinas in his earlier electronic melodic style
  • µ-ZiqChewed Corners Very welcome return of Mike’s unique melodic sensibility. Not at all like Bilious Paths. Essential.
  • LussuriaAmerican Babylon Admirable artistic audio ambition, but I prefer the EPs
  • Ancient MethodsSeventh Seal Heavygoing. Initial impact of first track isn’t matched by the remainder of this ep
  • ItalWorkshop 18 Classy pieces with well-balanced bass on this Berlin label

Record Reviews May 2013

May 7th, 2013
  • Solar BearsShe was coloured in Debut album mainstream sounding, not very electronic, with a few memorable moments
  • Solar BearsSupermigration Second album interesting, similar style to first
  • Dean Blunt and Inga CopelandBlack is beautiful More from the Hype Williams duo. Less bassy
  • Various / KeysoundThis is how we roll Great showcase of the current London sound
  • The KnifeShaking the habitual Surprisingly challenging, sometimes brilliant but others not so with annoying vocals and 100mins long. Needs another listen
  • GravetempleAmbient/Ruin Drone/growl/fieldrec/speed metal. Mostly excellent
  • Rainforest Spiritual EnslavementBlack magic cannot cross water Dark atmospherics. Rhythmic arrangement of unusual recorded sounds. Like
  • Geoff MullenFiltered water Low quality recording of an outdoor installation with delay feedback and guitars. Irritating.
  • DJ StingrayImping is easy EP Predictably excellent new EP from Sherard Ingram
  • Legowelt / ActressElementz of Houz Music Two mixes: one fast and club-friendly, the other downtempo and drawn out
  • The Black DogDarkhaus (Vol. 02 EP)
  • Dean BluntThe Redeemer 19 tracks from half of Hype Williams. Mostly songs, kinda rambling, not really my thing.
  • Kode 9Xingfu Lu / Kan Drums, bass and timesignatures aplenty in a kind of footwork vein. Impressed. Liking
  • BracklesRinse Presents Brackles Some vocals but this is all about syncopated drums. Like a lot
  • Versalife: Night Time Activities / Rate of Change Alias of Boris Bunnik (Conforce). Some great tracks but hard to avoid comparison with the Detroit masters
  • VersalifeVantage Point Debut LP quite enjoyable
  • Theo Parrish: Sound Sculptures Vol 1 Patchy, variable production quality but moments of excellence
  • Demdike Stare: Tryptych Three albums of sample-heavy atmospheric strangeness