Olympus LS-10

March 9th, 2008 by Guppy Leave a reply »

Olympus LS-10“Overall, the recorder sounds pretty good to me. I’d say the internal mics are near-broadcast quality, although they pick up a bit more room tone than I’d like. But when using a dynamic or condenser plug-in mic there’s not much noticable hiss. I’d say the LS-10 sounds almost as good as the Sony PCM-D50, although it’s a bit difficult to make comparisons without using the two side by side under the exact same conditions.

Philip reports that the only real down sides to this recorder are the lack of XLR inputs, phantom power, or a track mark button. The PCM-D50 has most of the same limitations, but costs $50 to $100 more. The D50, however, has a track mark button, twice the internal memory (4GB compared with the LS-10’s 2GB) and an exceptional limiter function.”

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