Record Reviews May 2013

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  • Solar BearsShe was coloured in Debut album mainstream sounding, not very electronic, with a few memorable moments
  • Solar BearsSupermigration Second album interesting, similar style to first
  • Dean Blunt and Inga CopelandBlack is beautiful More from the Hype Williams duo. Less bassy
  • Various / KeysoundThis is how we roll Great showcase of the current London sound
  • The KnifeShaking the habitual Surprisingly challenging, sometimes brilliant but others not so with annoying vocals and 100mins long. Needs another listen
  • GravetempleAmbient/Ruin Drone/growl/fieldrec/speed metal. Mostly excellent
  • Rainforest Spiritual EnslavementBlack magic cannot cross water Dark atmospherics. Rhythmic arrangement of unusual recorded sounds. Like
  • Geoff MullenFiltered water Low quality recording of an outdoor installation with delay feedback and guitars. Irritating.
  • DJ StingrayImping is easy EP Predictably excellent new EP from Sherard Ingram
  • Legowelt / ActressElementz of Houz Music Two mixes: one fast and club-friendly, the other downtempo and drawn out
  • The Black DogDarkhaus (Vol. 02 EP)
  • Dean BluntThe Redeemer 19 tracks from half of Hype Williams. Mostly songs, kinda rambling, not really my thing.
  • Kode 9Xingfu Lu / Kan Drums, bass and timesignatures aplenty in a kind of footwork vein. Impressed. Liking
  • BracklesRinse Presents Brackles Some vocals but this is all about syncopated drums. Like a lot
  • Versalife: Night Time Activities / Rate of Change Alias of Boris Bunnik (Conforce). Some great tracks but hard to avoid comparison with the Detroit masters
  • VersalifeVantage Point Debut LP quite enjoyable
  • Theo Parrish: Sound Sculptures Vol 1 Patchy, variable production quality but moments of excellence
  • Demdike Stare: Tryptych Three albums of sample-heavy atmospheric strangeness

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